Ripout Ripping Into Steam Early Access

Mutated Horror 

The 22nd century is no safe place for humans. For instance, you may wind up on a derelict spacecraft full of horrific mutants that want you dead. Of course, this may just become a reality now. Today, 3D Realms and Pet Project Games are excited to announce that their co-op horror game, Ripout, is now available on Steam Early Access. Combining horror and FPS action, the game invites players to take on hordes of mutants in a co-op experience designed for teams of all sizes. Luckily players can look forward to updates throughout the Early Access period of the game, according to a press release. Additionally, players can check out the launch trailer for the game for a look at the mutated mayhem. 


Ripout is introducing players to a nightmare in the 22nd century. Awakening on a derelict battleship, players and their trusty pet gun must fight to survive as the ship has been overwhelmed by mutated monsters. Interestingly, these mutants pose a unique threat to the player, as they are capable of changing their bodies, attacking patterns, and even assimilating other mutants into their bodies. 

Luckily, Ripout allows players to be just as versatile as their enemies. For instance, players can customize their weapons and their specialization. Importantly, this allows players to fully customize their playstyle to fit what they like. Of course, players can check out the launch trailer for a look at what awaits players and their friends. 

Ripout is available on PC via Steam Early Access. More information is available on the game’s website