Cyberpunk 2077 Comic “Big City Dreams” Wins Hugo Award

A Coveted Award for Cyberpunk 2077

The Hugo Awards are an annual literary award for fantasy and sci-fi works. Of course, the award is prestigious, and winning it is a great achievement. Importantly, today marks the first time a Polish author has received a Hugo Award. That’s right Bartosz Sztybor, author and animation narrative director at CD PROJEKT RED, has won the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story or Comic. Sztybor’s comic, Cyberpunk 2077: Big City Dreams, is an original story told in the world of the hit RPG Cyberpunk 2077. Interestingly, an article provides more details on the comic and the award. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077: Big City Dreams tells the story of two small-time thieves, Tasha and Mirek. Of course, the comic takes place in the iconic megalopolis from the game: Night City. Obviously, the story tells of the struggle to survive in this cyberpunk future’s most dangerous city. It offers a new look at the city from perspectives far from the likes of the game’s protagonist V. 

Interestingly, Sztybor has worked on other iterations of the Cyberpunk universe. For example, he has also worked on the hit anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Additionally, he is well-known for his comics in both the Cyberpunk and Witcher universes. Additionally, his Hugo Award win marks the first time a Polish author has been a recipient of the award. 

Excitingly, this award comes to the franchise after the release of the game’s newest DLC: Phantom Liberty

A huge congratulations to Bartosz Sztybor and CD PROJEKT RED. Have you checked out Cyberpunk 2077: Big City Dreams?