REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM Launched on Early Access Today

Survive in a Desolate World

Developer Black Anchor and publisher Webzen have launched their latest title REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM on Early Access today. The game is available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store for just $14.99 USD. Moreover, this phase is expected to last from six months to one year.

REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is a challenging turn-based tactical RPG that takes place in a medieval apocalyptic infestation. The place used to thrive with different life forms but now it is completely desolated and enemies lurking in every corner.


In Early Access, players will get to experience this awesome game along with tutorials. It will feature 7 stages, 14 types, 33 different primary/secondary weapons, 3 playable characters, and 2 types of special trees. The gameplay mainly focuses on exploration, avoiding enemies’ detection, and fighting them using a range of historical weapons.

There will be three difficulty levels to choose from – Vengeance, Suffering, and Despair. The game includes a Recurring Nightmare challenge mode to put your skills to the test. Players will also learn about the story and the threats people are facing in this infested world. They must explore locations and collect essential supplies while avoiding the Infested, dangerous creatures that roam the land.

There is also a hideout camp to take a good rest and prepare for the next battle. Players can also craft, repair, reinforce, and upgrade their weapons at the blacksmith in the camp. This is a key to progression and an important part of survival.

Additionally, the developer also plans to add new language support in the future to widen its horizon. The full version is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2024.