Dawn of Defiance Is Launching on Early Access Later This Year

Challenge the Gods in Dawn of Defiance

The indie game studio Traega Entertainment has officially revealed their latest upcoming title, Dawn of Defiance. This Greek mythology-inspired open-world, crafting-survival game will be coming out on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year.

Dawn of Defiance

Dawn of Defiance is a 3D open-world crafting-survival game that draws heavy inspiration from Greek Mythology. You will step inside the shoes of the Defier of Gods and must ascend from a weak soldier to a god-like anti-hero.

Travel across ruined Isles, building impressive temples, and vanquishing the followers of God to gain their mythic abilities. Collect resources, construct a base, craft and upgrade your gear, and face down the legendary challenges of the Gods. You can enjoy the game solo or in co-op multiplayer for up to four players.

Key features:

– Survive the Isles: You awaken on a forgotten shore. Starting from nothing, you must hunt for resources and arm yourself against the many dangers of the Isles.

– Explore the Ruins: Venture across the Isles, explore landmarks, discover treasure, and take on the Gods’ challenges. Grow in strength with each victory through new recipes and upgrades.

– Customized Crafting: Select the design of your weapons, craft with a range of ingredients, and build impressive structures that rival the very halls of Olympus.

– Defy the Gods: Face off against the mighty followers of the Gods, complete altar challenges, and prevail on the Isles. Only then you will prove yourself in the name of Defiance.

– Band Together: Undertake this deadly odyssey on your own, or recruit up to three friends to aid your journey at any time in online cooperative multiplayer.

Check out the official announcement trailer to get a glimpse of the game.