Hollow Survivors Slicing and Dicing Through Dungeons Soon

Ready Yourself, Hollow

Roguelikes are a wide genre. They range from platforming adventures to top-down bullet hells to anything in between. Now, fans of the genre can prepare to delve into some dungeons. Today, Danny Deer and Gameparic are excited to announce their latest project, the dungeon crawler roguelike, Hollow Survivors. Inviting players to a harrowing journey in a corrupted tower, the game aims to combine a dungeon crawler with hack-and-slash roguelike gameplay. A press release provides some early details about the game. Additionally, a gameplay trailer gives players an early look at the game itself. 

Hollow Survivors

Hollow Survivor introduces players to the titular characters known as Hollows. Players play as one of the last sane Hollows in existence. Within a massive tower, full of cult activities and other evils, players will fight hordes of terrifying creatures as they ascend to escape. Importantly, as players climb this accursed tower, they will uncover new weapons and upgrades. Of course, the game uses roguelike mechanics, meaning death is inevitable. Yet, dying means players can experiment with new builds, and synergies, and use their attempts to explore more of the tower. 

Obviously, the tower is a monumental threat. It is home to all manner of horrific creatures, and powerful bosses. Importantly, gamers can get a view of some of the challenges that await them in the new gameplay trailer. Check out the gameplay trailer below for a look at the fast-paced gameplay of Hollow Survivors. 

Hollow Survivors is currently in development. The game is set to release in 2024 on PC via Steam