Tamarak Trail Gets Monstrous in New Developer Diary

Monsters on the Trail

One of the greatest aspects of any RPG is the monsters that inhabit the game’s world. Obviously, these deadly creatures exist in a multitude of forms and come with a plethora of deadly aspects. So, it’s always a great time when a game’s developers discuss what players may face when it comes to these monsters. Today, Yarrow Games and Versus Evil are providing some details about the monsters found in their upcoming roguelike, Tamarak Trail. Specifically, the new developer diary focuses on the creation of the  “Sluggard”  monster. A new press release discusses the importance of the different aspects of the monster’s design. Obviously, players can also check out the developer diary for a look at the monsters and the game itself. 

Tamarak Trail

Tamarak Trail invites players to join a secret society known as the Sturgeon Lodge. As active members of the Lodge, players will undertake a mission to solve the mysteries that surround a decaying and dying Earth. Of course, this task won’t be easy. Players will face a multitude of dangerous foes and challenges on their quest. However, they will not be without their own skills as players may choose from one of three powerful classes.  The Magician, The Tracker, or The Detective are the classes that provide players with unique gameplay and narrative choices. 

Of course, the new developer diary for Tamarak Trail discusses the design of the Sluggard. This horrific monster is one of many players will see in the game. The diary covers how the developers of the game design, not only the Sluggard but the rest of the cast of monsters. For instance, the diary dives into the sketching, shading, color layers, and more. Check out the Diary below. 

Tamarak Trail is releasing later in 2023 on PC. Currently, the game is available to wish list on Steam