PS5 and Nacon New Controller Launching in October

PS5 and Nacon New Controller “Revolution 5 Pro” Will Be Available This October

Nacon has unveiled the Revolution 5 Pro PS5 controller, set to launch in October at $200, matching Sony’s DualSense Edge. The standout feature here is the Hall Effect thumbsticks designed to combat stick-drift problems found in DualSense controllers. Unlike traditional joysticks, Hall Effect joysticks employ magnetism and sensors for longer-lasting durability.

The Revolution 5 Pro also boasts PS4 and PC compatibility, a trigger blocker for reduced input travel, and extensive customization options. It includes multiple weights, sticks, and stick heads, allowing for personalization via a dedicated PC and mobile app. Additionally, a unique D-pad design crafted with professional gamer Mister Crimson enhances gameplay.

Nacon’s Head of Accessories, Yannick Allaert, expressed their dedication to creating an elite gaming controller that empowers gamers. This offering blends expertise, technological innovation, and ergonomic design.

PS5 and Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Controller

Hall Effect sensors are becoming a focal point in the next generation of consoles, with rumours suggesting Nintendo’s successor to the Switch will adopt them. While it’s uncertain if the next Xbox controller will follow suit.

The Revolution 5 Pro enters the scene as a compelling contender in the evolving landscape of gaming controllers. Stay tuned for more news on Nacon and its innovative ways to give gaming an efficient playing experience.