Spiritfall Embraces Darkness With New Update

A New Spirit Joins the Fray 

It’s time for the Omenforged to embrace the shadows. Of course, this means a brand new spirit is joining the fight to save the world. Today, Gentle Giant Games is happy to announce the release of the newest update for their platform fighter roguelite, Spiritfall. The update, titled “Herald of Nightfall”, brings a host of new content to the game including new abilities and even a new spirit. Of course, a press release delves into all of the shadowy details of the update. Additionally, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of the update. 


Spiritfall places players in the shoes of the Omenforged. A divine warrior receiving guidance from the great spirits, the Omenforged embarks on a mission to destroy an unknown blight plaguing the land. Importantly, Spiritfall places major emphasis on its vast arsenal of weaponry. Interestingly, each weapon provides players with incredible abilities that allow them to harness the power of the spirits. It’s important to note that the game is a roguelike which means it utilizes randomized run generation and perma-death. Yet, death is just another path, a path that allows players to progress in different ways. 

Of course, the “Herald of Nightfall” update brings a new host of content to the game. For instance, players can look forward to new Skills, Blessings, Mask, Tribute Altar, and Synergies. Obviously, gamers can also look forward to the sneaky guidance of the newest spirit: the raccoon Zalvoon. The introduction of this spirit allows the Omenforged to confuse enemies, create mirror images, and dodge deadly attacks. Check out the new trailer below for a look at the update. 

Spiritfall is out now on Steam Early Access.