Mannequin Bringing Suspense To VR Systems in 2024

Social Deduction and Science Fiction 

Pockets of Earth are frozen in time. Aliens have invaded and are able to use their powers to freeze humans. However, not all hope is lost. Special agents are deploying to save the world. Blend in and strike from close range or fight for humanity with EMP blasters. Today, Fast Travel Games is excited to announce that their asymmetrical VR thriller, Mannequin, is releasing to VR systems in 2024. Inviting players to a five-player take on hide and seek, the game transports players to a sci-fi Earth under Alien invasion. A press release goes into some detail about the game. Additionally, a cinematic reveal trailer shows players exactly the kind of spine-chilling intensity they can expect. 


Mannequin allows players to make a choice between a task force of special agents or time-stopping aliens. Importantly, the game demands both teamwork on the side of the humans and stealthy ingenuity for the aliens. Of course, the game is played in VR. This means every movement and point-of-view is dependant on the players. However, it is important to note that this isn’t a game where victory is achieved through aim. Instead, the game requires players on both sides to outwit their enemy. Where the aliens focus on touching, and freezing, agents at close range, the agents have longer-range EMPs to disrupt and destroy. Additionally, this means the aliens will need to use their chameleon-like technology to hide in plain sight. 

Of course, players can check out the new cinematic trailer for a better look at the game. View the trailer below. 

Mannequin is releasing on Meta Quest, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR2 in 2024.