Relic Hunters Legend Launches Into Early Access

Locking, Loading, and Looting 

Hello Relic Hunters. It’s time for you to get to work. That’s right, a galaxy and time-spanning adventure full of interesting characters, rich lore, and riches, awaits. Today, Gearbox Publishing and developer Rogue Snail are excited to let players jump into their top-down looter-shooter, Relic Hunters Legend, now that it’s out on Steam Early Access. Either alone or with friends, players will dive into various missions experiencing a galaxy full of lore and unlockable relic hunters. A press release provides more details on the game. Furthermore, a launch trailer gives players a look at the characters, gameplay, and art style of the game. 


Relic Hunters Legend pits players on a time-spanning mission to stop the tyrannical Duke Ducan and his armies. Initially, players step into the shoes of the mysterious character Seven. As Seven players will begin their adventure, meeting different characters as they battle through space and time. Importantly, each stage allows players to loot new items, meet new characters, and unlock new Relic Hunters to play as.  Importantly, each Relic Hunter that players unlock comes with their own unique skills and playstyles so that players can find the one that best suits them. Of course, each mission provides players with an opportunity to collect stronger weapons, gear, and upgrades to grow more powerful. 

Players can check out the Relic Hunters Legend launch trailer to get a better look at the game. View the trailer below. 

Relic Hunters Legend is out now on Steam