Sand Land Invites Players to the Desert In New Trailer

An Unholy Alliance 

It’s a pretty parched world out there. Not just for humans, but demons too. Everyone is willing to make a deal when they are thirsty enough. Today BANDAI NAMCO is happy to give players a deeper look into the world of their upcoming action-adventure game, Sand Land, in a new story trailer. Introducing players to a world where a greedy king hordes the water, demon and humans become friends and embark on an epic journey across a vast and unforgiving desert. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, players can check out the new story trailer for a glimpse of the gameplay and art style of the game. 

Sand Land

Sand Land introduces players to a world that has become a scorching and merciless desert. Importantly, players are introduced to Sheriff Rao. As the sheriff players set out on a journey to find a secret oasis. However, finding this oasis won’t be easy. In fact, it will be deadly. As such, Rao will head to the demon village and befriend Beelzebub the Fiend Prince, and his chaperone Thief. Together the sheriff and the demons will search for the oasis. Yet, the tyrannical king and his armies, hoarding all the water, won’t give up this oasis without a fight. Of course, players will be able to develop tanks and other mechanical vehicles of their own making. Furthermore, players will be able to build up their own settlement into a thriving city with the characters they meet in the wasteland. 

Check out the new Sand Land story trailer for a look at what awaits you in the desert. 

Sand Land is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The game is currently in development, and more info is available on its website