Stern Pinball Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Jurassic Park

Some Exciting Updates 

Prepare to return to a world of dinosaurs and adventure. That’s right, welcome back to Jurassic Park. Today, the renowned gaming and entertainment company, Stern Pinball, is happy to announce updates for their popular pinball machine, Jurassic Park. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Jurassic Park, Stern Pinball is bringing a whole host of new content to the existing versions of the game as well as a whole new edition. A press release delves into more details about the 30th-anniversary celebrations. Additionally, a gameplay trailer shows off what players can expect from the updated game.

Stern Pinball

The Jurassic Park pinball games are among Stern’s most popular pinball machines. Now, the company is breathing some extra heart-pumping action into the game. For the anniversary, Stern is applying a software update for all current versions of the game. This update allows players to enjoy the game with Co-Op Play, Team Play, and a 30th Anniversary Insider Connected Quest. Co-Op involves players attempting to escape Isle Nublar in a collaborative effort, whereas Team Play allows players to challenge each other. 

Furthermore, as a special opportunity, Stern is offering a special 30th Anniversary Edition version of Jurassic Park Pinball Machine. The special editions of the machine feature a brand-new exterior art package, full-color mirrored backglass, and more. Additionally, a whole new line of Jurassic Park Pinball-themed merch is available for purchase. Of course, players can check out the new gameplay trailer for a glimpse of all the dino fuelled action. 

The new Stern Pinball Jurassic Park Special Editions and all other editions are available here. Of course, the Anniversary Edition costs $12,999 USD.