STALKER 2 Possibly Releasing This Year as per Distributor Listing

Survive the Zone in STALKER 2

We got news regarding STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl, the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter game. A distributor listing suggests that the game might potentially launch before the end of this year. The title will be exclusively for Xbox consoles and PC.

Stalker 2

Andrew Marmo, a contributor to VGC, noticed that distributor Plaion has revised its listing for STALKER 2. Which indicated a release date of December 1. This might not be a mere placeholder, as December 1 aligns with a Friday this year.

Furthermore, GSC Game World, the developer, has officially announced that the game will be available to play for the first time at the Gamescom show in Germany. This move could potentially signal the approaching release date.

The game thrusts players into a hauntingly immersive post-apocalyptic world, combining survival horror, exploration, and gripping storytelling. As a daring Stalker, you venture into the perilous Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, where the boundaries of reality blur amidst mutated landscapes and lurking dangers.

Unveil the Zone’s secrets, forge alliances, and confront the terrors that lie within the heart of the wasteland. Your choices shape the narrative and your struggle for survival, making each decision a critical juncture between life and death. The game promises an unforgettable journey through a landscape both mesmerizing and deadly.

The developer originally planned to release it in April 2022. But it faced multiple delays. By June 2022, the game’s anticipated launch had been rescheduled to sometime within 2023.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, GSC Game World, originally headquartered in Kiev, has undertaken a partial relocation to the Czech Republic.

Many members of the team also joined volunteering activities in Ukraine or served in the armed forces. This includes employees who were featured in a development diary released last year. The diary also showed the impact of war on the team and its work.