Modern Warfare 3 Beta Will Be Accessible to PlayStation Users First

Modern Warfare 3’s Beta Will Be Available First on PlayStation

According to an Arabic trailer aired on the Playstation Youtube channel, Modern Warfare 3 will preferably have a public beta version for PlayStation users. After Microsoft’s intention of acquiring Activision Blizzard was revealed, it was already decided that another three Call of Duty versions could be accessed on both PS and Xbox consoles.

This decision was met with excitement from fans, as it meant that players on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles would have the opportunity to experience the highly anticipated Call of Duty games. This move by Microsoft also showcased their commitment to expanding their gaming portfolio and providing a diverse range of titles for their console users.

The current Call of Duty entry is probably the last part of Sony’s well-established marketing agreement. Despite many legal issues, Microsoft and PlayStation signed a contract to help release Modern Warfare 3 for PlayStation users.

This partnership between Microsoft and PlayStation demonstrates their willingness to put aside legal disputes to deliver highly anticipated games to their respective console users. By collaborating on the release of Modern Warfare 3, both companies showed a dedication to providing an exceptional gaming experience for players across different platforms.