Side Bullet Gets Fired Up in New Trailer

Hectic Action, Sidescrolling Blasting 

It’s time to dive deeper into the battle royale genre’s newest addition. Of course, this entry in this wide range of games has a more horizontal approach to the gunfighting action players have grown to expect. Today, South Korean studio PressA is excited to unveil a new trailer for their free-to-play sidescroller battle royale, Side Bullet. Coming to PlayStation 5 later this year, Side Bullet introduces players to a war-torn city where different cartels battle for supremacy. Interestingly, the game pits players against each other in a sidescrolling battle royale. A new trailer shows off all of the glorious combat that awaits players in the city. Additionally, a press release provides more details on the different modes of the game.

Side Bullet

Side Bullet unleashes players into an urban jungle where they will face off against hostile players and monsters. Like any battle royale, the objective is to eliminate other players and survive until the end of the match. Of course, the perspective of the game, a sidescrolling shooter, introduces some interesting mechanics. For instance, players can use grappling hooks to travel, destroy the environment to create and remove cover, and more. Two different modes ensure players can have a solo experience where their survival is completely on them, as well as a trio experience where players will share responsibility between three classes. 

A new trailer shows off all of the sidescrolling action. Check out the trailer below to see both solo and trio gameplay. 

Side Bullet is arriving, for free, on PlayStation 5 later this year.