Xbox 360 Store to Close In July Next Year

220+ Digital Games Will Vanish if the Xbox 360 Store Is Shut Down

According to VGC research, customers of the Xbox 360 won’t be able to purchase any new Xbox 360 games or other content through the Xbox 360 store. Xbox 360 customers may still redownload their previously purchased games for storage purposes in the future, though. On July 29, 2024 the Xbox 360 Marketplace will likely end.

This choice by Microsoft is a component of its goal to concentrate on more recent gaming platforms and offer owners of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S more significant support. Before the shop closes permanently, Xbox 360 owners must prepare and make sure they have downloaded all the games they wish to keep.

Xbox 360 Store

According to research, two hundred twenty games will reportedly wholly disappear and never be seen again. This list does not contain any of the outdated, backwards-compatible games. Customers would need Windows 10 or a PC running a newer version of Windows, an Xbox Series console, or both to view any content purchased from the Xbox 360 store after July 2024.

It’s anticipated that popular Xbox 360 shop titles, including 0D Beat Drop, 1942: Joint Strike, Amy, and Ancients of Ooga, will all be entirely removed. Fans who have cherished these games have been disappointed by this news. Many users are considering updating their hardware to guarantee they can keep accessing their paid material and enjoy the beloved gaming experience.