Overwatch 2 Received Unfavorable Reviews After Its Launch on Steam

Overwatch 2 Has Been Reviewed Negatively by Many on Steam

SteamDB reports that Overwatch 2 was launched on Thursday at 2.30 p.m. ET. Since then, there has been a flood of negative reviews by users. Around 25,000 users have reviewed the game negatively. Regarding the number of positive reviews, around 14% of the total reviews submitted by the user were in favor of the game.

The negative reviews primarily criticize the lack of significant changes and improvements from the original game and the perceived lack of value for the price. Some users have also expressed disappointment with the game’s graphics and overall gameplay experience. Despite these negative reviews, it is worth noting that Overwatch 2 still has a dedicated fan base that appreciates its unique characters and team-based gameplay mechanics.

Overwatch 2

As per Steamdb statistics, the maximum number of players having fun with Overwatch 2 has been around 52,349. This makes it the 14th spot for Steam’s most loved and played game. It is the first collection of games that Blizzard Entertainment has introduced on Steam.

This move has allowed the game to reach a wider audience and attract new players who may have yet to become familiar with Blizzard’s other titles. Additionally, the integration of Steam’s features and community has enhanced the overall gaming experience for Overwatch 2 players.

As per an announcement in June 2023, users can only access the game’s first three-story missions if they buy the Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle, which costs $15. This announcement has disturbed video game lovers, as Blizzard was already planning to eliminate the Hero Mode, one of the most unique and noteworthy features of this game.

Removing Hero Mode has sparked disappointment among fans looking forward to experiencing the game’s innovative gameplay mechanics. This decision has raised concerns about the direction Blizzard is taking with Overwatch 2 and whether it will live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor.