Modern Warfare 3 Code Reveals Core Resemblance to MW2 DLC (UPDATED)

Cracking the Code of Modern Warfare 3

EDITORS NOTE 2023-08-14

Here’s a statement. Please attribute to an Activision spokesperson – 

As stated in numerous Activision Blizzard quarterly conference calls, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is a premium release. It will be priced accordingly at $70.

Original Story:

The discovery of the game code for Modern Warfare 3 within the PlayStation database implies that this year’s release may simply be MW2 DLC in disguise.

Teaming up with PlayStationSize on Twitter, Insider Gaming has given an extensive dive into the code of the upcoming Call of Duty installment. The series has often faced criticism for its recurrent nature. It has a bad reputation for releasing the same product every year. But they do this with an acknowledged and effective formula.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare


This year’s release diverges somewhat from its predecessors. The intriguing fact is that add-ons for MW2 will introduce the content of Modern Warfare 3. Furthermore, there’s an indication that BETA codes for MW3 share the same underlying concept ID as those of MW2. This implies a scenario where developers have essentially reissued game codes from last year.

If you are a big fan of the Call of Duty series and follow its news, this should not be surprising. The developer also confirmed that the new title will act as a continuation of the previous game.

The code also hints at an alteration for Modern Warfare 2, transitioning it into a Call of Duty Hub. This hub will showcase MW2, MW3, and Warzone, all consolidated within a single menu. Rumors are in circulation, indicating that MW3 might have a price of $70. That is the standard price for a AAA game these days.

Mark your calendars for August 17, as MW3 is set to step into the spotlight through a Warzone in-game event. The game will launch on 10 November for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.