Dead By Daylight Unveils The Xenomorph With Test Servers Today

The Iconic Alien 

In the fog, no one can hear you scream. At least, this is the case, now that the Xenomorph has entered the entity’s realm in a test of its skills. Today, Behaviour Interactive is happy to announce the player test for its latest Dead by Daylight chapter, Alien, featuring iconic characters Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph. Of course, the chapter arrives with the two new characters, their own perks, a map, and in the case of the Alien, new powers. Focussing on tracking, lethality, and mobility, the Alien brings several ways to deal with survivors. A press release provides some more details about the chapter. Additionally, a brand-new trailer provides a look at Ripley and the Xenomorph in action. 

Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight‘s Alien chapter introduces a host of new content to the game including a new killer, survivor, and map. First of all, the newest killer, in the form of the Alien, is a high-mobility killer with many tricks to bring to the fog. For instance, its ability to crawl in tunnels, reveal survivor auras, and strike from a distance with its tail make it an expert killer, while its perks focus on tracking, boosting its speed and panicking survivors. 

The new survivor, Ellen Ripley comes with perks that make her stealthier, able to locate objectives easier, and even disrupt a killer during a chase. Of course, both of these characters come alongside a new map the Nostromo Wreckage. Of course, a new trailer gives players a good look at the exact fear, the Xenomorph is bringing to the fog. Check it out below. 

Dead By Daylight is currently available on SteamPS5PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The playtest for the chapter is currently happening.