Crossfire: Sierra Squad Battles Its Way To Launch

Caught in the Crossfire 

Some shooters just needed to be developed for VR. Sometimes, a shooter is so realistic it only makes sense for it to deploy into a virtual space for players to get the most out of it. It’s time to lock and load. Today, Smilegate Entertainment is happy to announce the launch of their FPS arcade shooter, Crossfire: Sierra Squad. Out now on PSVR2 and PCVR, the game invites players to intense first-person gun fights. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, a new trailer shows off the action players can expect to be thrown into. 

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Crossfire: Sierra Squad invites players to join the titular squad. Armed with an arsenal of 39 different weapons, players will battle through different missions. In 13 single-player missions, players will fight 17 different enemy types and fight them on the ground and in the air. Additionally, players can engage in 50 single-player squad missions, but they also don’t need to be alone. In 2 co-op squad missions or horde mode, players can group up with friends to battle enemies endlessly. Of course, players will need to use realistic gestures and updated VR gameplay mechanics to ensure that they and their team avoid friendly fire. 

Of course, Crossfire: Sierra Squad features fast-paced FPS action. Players can get a look at all of this action in the new age-restricted, launch trailer. Additionally, the trailer also shows off the assortment of different weapons and game mechanics. So, check it out below. 

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is currently out on PSVR2 and PCVR via Steam Early Access.