Tears of the Kingdom – Confirmed: Link Has Balls

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Everyone on the internet has said it. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a software development marvel and one of the best games many of us have ever seen. There are so many details that the developers have crafted in this game and we are still finding them.

For the past couple of months, players have been using the tools in Tears of the Kingdom to create and solve problems in unique ways. They have been combing over every inch of Hyrule and discovering new and exciting things. However, the best kept secret was right under our nose. Or should I say tunic?

Tears of the Kingdom

A video has surfaced showing Link in a battle with Hinox. After getting knocked over, the camera captures Link in a rather vulnerable position. He is bent over with his Hylian ass up, but the lighting reveals something we did not know existed.

I won’t beat around the bush. It looks like Link has balls. It’s no surprise, given that Link is a male Hylian, but we didn’t know they were actually modeled. Not only that, but it almost looks like they have jiggle physics.

The most likely answer for this is that the balls are actually part of Link’s virtual skeleton. Maybe his hip flexors got moved and exposed in the battle and the sun casted some unflattering shadows. Then again, I’m no animator so let’s chalk it up to balls.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Do you see them? Those are balls, right? Let us know in the comments below.