Swordship, Arcade Dodge-Em-Up, Recieves Huge Update

Dodge and Weave 

It’s never a bad thing to be fast. Especially when your speed determines the amount of good you can do. Don’t worry, you have one of the fastest ships. Today, Thunderful and Digital Kingdom are excited to announce a major content update for their arcade, dodge-em-up game, Swordship. Introducing a new game mode, progression systems, and more, the content update is bringing a great deal to the game. A press release provides details on the update. Additionally, a new accolades trailer shows off some of the gameplay and achievements of the game. 

Swordship introduces players to a post-apocalyptic world. As a result of global warming, most of humanity has been relocating to three giant underwater cities. However, not everyone gets to live in these havens. In fact, many have been left to die in the outside world. Yet, not all hope is lost. Players take on the role of one of the brave pilots who have the skills to steal supplies from these cities and give hope and life to those outside. Choosing from a variety of Swordships, players will face off against multiple types of enemies in procedurally generated levels. Unlike shoot-em-up games or bullet hells, Swordship makes players use the enemies to destroy themselves through dodging. 

The newest content update coming to the game is bringing even more action for brave pilots. For instance, players can look forward to the new arranged mode that features a pre-set level players can compete in for high scores during the week. Furthermore, players can also expect a new progression system and new upgrades to experience. 

Swordship is out now on Epic Games Store and GOG.com. Additionally, the game is available on  PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.