Lisa: Definitive Edition Returns You to Pain and Joy

You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!

The 2014 indie title Lisa: The Painful is getting remastered for PC and current consoles. Lisa: Definitive Edition was announced earlier today publisher Serenity Forge. It will be a bundle of Lisa: The Painful and its standalone DLC/continuation Lisa: The Joyful.

The Lisa games are heavily inspired by Earthbound, down to the art style and the humor injected into the subject matter. The stories these games tell are very dark and disturbing. Choices you are forced to make will directly impact the wellbeing of your party members.

Lisa: Definitive Edition

Lisa: The Painful follows Brad and his journey to save his adoptive daughter Buddy. Despite being a controlling person and Buddy not wanting to be with Brad, he pursues her to protect her, to his death. The Joy follows Buddy immediately after The Painful ends. She goes on a quest to become the most powerful person in the land, while killing warlords along the way. Buddy meets several characters from the previous game and wraps up the overarching story.

Lisa: Definitive Edition adds several new features, such as HD graphics, updated UI, and 120 FPS for PC and next gen consoles. As far as content, there are new stories and story endings, a Painless (story) mode, a music player, 20+ new songs, and new enemies and bosses.

Lisa: Definitive Edition will be out on July 18th. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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