Serum Shows Off It’s Terrifyingly Lethal World in New Trailer

Serum Survival 

Welcome to a hauntingly beautiful world. A world full of danger, strange creatures, and a mysterious luminescent liquid with some bizarre side effects. Today, Game Island and Toplitz Productions are excited to introduce people to their first-person survival game, Serum. The game invites players to a harsh and unforgiving world where players must use everything they can to survive. A press release dives into all the details of this lethal world. Additionally, the new gameplay trailer gives players a glimpse of what awaits them in the world. 


Serum invites players to a haunting world full of a toxic substance and horrifying creatures. Furthermore, you awaken in this strange world with an even more confusing device on your arm. However, one thing becomes clear. Players will need to use this toxic serum to prolong their lives while they try to survive. Of course, players will need to find shelter, search for new technology, craft their equipment, and modify weapons to ensure their survival. Additionally, players will need to gather the precious resource known as the Serum and experiment with different versions of it to change their bodies in various ways. 

Importantly, players can get the perfect look at the game in the new gameplay trailer. The trailer shows off some of the action players will experience in the world, as well as some of the gameplay mechanics. View the trailer below. 

Serum currently has no release date. However, the game is now available to wish list on Steam. So, are you ready to experience the Serum?