Move Or Die Celebrates Summer With Latest Update

Summer Fun 

Summertime is fun time. Especially when everyone’s favorite arcade game involving moving or dying has an update. Today, Those Awesome Guys are excited to bring the latest update to their hit arcade party game, Move or Die. The update, titled “Everyone Loves Summer”, is bringing a host of new content from two new characters to new cosmetics and more. Of course, a press release gives more information on what’s to come with the update. 

Move or Die

Move or Die is a multiplayer party game whose title is far more than just a name. Pitting players against their friends in various mini-games, players must continue to move around the screen or their health bar runs out, very quickly. Of course, the surviving player in each round of the games earns more and more points until they finally win. Obviously, an important part of any party game is the ability to customize their own character. Luckily, Move or Die allows players to use a great many different skins and cosmetics to identify them in fast-paced mini-games. Additionally, mutations and modifiers ensure that every mini-game can feel completely different everytime you play. 

The “Everyone Loves Summer” is introducing players to two new playable characters, ChillBill and Flo. Furthermore, players can also get their hands on new summer-themed cosmetics after playing online matches between June 29th until July 13th. 

Move or Die‘s Everyone Loves Summer Update is out now for PC via Steam. Additionally, the game is currently 75% off. So, do you have your friends picked out for some Summer fun? Will you be the last one standing or will you rage-quit before all?