Minabo – A Walk Through Life Waltzes to Xbox Release

A Cozy Little Walk 

You can’t always go through life in a sprint. Sometimes it’s so much better to take a little stroll instead. Remember to smell the flowers as you take your little walk, enjoy every moment, and savor the world as it passes. Today,  DevilishGames are happy to announce that their cozy social simulation, Minabo- A Walk Through Life, is out now on Xbox. The game already met success on  PC and PlayStation bringing its cozy simulator and the life choices inside the game to players on those systems. A press release provides details about the release of the game. Furthermore, an accolades trailer shows off what players can expect from the game. 


Minabo- A Walk Through Life puts players in the role of a turnip. As with all vegetables, the turnip will grow. Of course, as you grow your turnip you will get to experience the whole circle of life. Importantly, players will face a multitude of choices as they progress through the turnip’s life. Get married, have little turnips, and get some pets. Or maybe you’d prefer to stay single, follow your career, and take care of your turnip parents. 

Players will explore 25 levels designed with the help of psychologists. Additionally, as players advance through these levels they will meet various cute characters and develop relationships. Furthermore, players will make crucial choices that will make each run through the game different. Check out the accolades trailer for a look at the game. 

Minabo- A Walk Through Life is currently out on PlayStation 4/5Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The game is also now out for Xbox.