Kromlech, Immersive Action Adventure RPG, Announced for PC

Welcome to the Iron Age 

The golden age of humanity is over. The darkness of the age has come to pass, and the divine beauty of the world dims. Welcome to a world of darkness, war, and a glimmer of hope. Today, Perun Creative is happy to unveil their newest title, action RPG, Kromlech. Introducing players to a fantasy world based on medieval Europe during the Iron Age, players will experience a brutal and action-packed adventure. A press release provides more details about the title. Additionally, players can view the game in an announcement trailer. 


Kromlech invites players to step into a world based on Celtic mythology. Importantly, players step into the role of a mythological hero who may be the herald of a new age. Excitingly, the game allows players to immerse themselves in an ever-changing world. Villages abandoned and left to ruin will fill with darkness and danger. Of course, players will be dealing with dangerous enemies. Yet, the combat of Kromlech is not like most action RPGs. It is fast-paced in a way that makes every strike count for the player and their enemy.  However, have no fear, for death is not the end of your story, the world will remember your actions. 

Of course, players can get a good look at the feeling of the game in the announcement trailer. See the kinds of unique enemies you will face, where every single enemy will have different armor, the ever-changing world, and the combat. Check out the trailer below. 

Kromlech currently does not have a release date but is being developed for PC via Steam. So, are you ready for an epic adventure?