Heart Abyss Unleashes Violence With Reveal Trailer

Slaying Slavers 

Prepare to embody vengeance. A story set inspired by feudal Japan and mixed with Metroidvania action invites revenge and violence as the only way forward. Today,  HeroCraft PC is happy to announce their Metroidvania action game, Heart Abyss, with a new reveal trailer. The game invites players to a good old fashion ultraviolent action game. A press release provides more details about the game, its themes, and its features. Of course, the reveal trailer gives players the perfect look at what they can expect to experience in the game. 

Heart Abyss

Heart Abyss gives players the option of playing as two different characters. Each will provide players with a different story, with their own mechanics and abilities to play around with. Importantly, players play as escaped slave fox people in Feudal Japan. Now free from the clutches of these ruthless slavers, the main characters are now seeking revenge. 

Importantly, the game combines Metroidvania action with frantic, yet tactical, combat. Players will need to block and deflect, strategically position themselves, and use a complete arsenal of weaponry from primary weapons to disposable environmental weapons. Additionally, players choose how they want to approach fights. The game provides multiple different ways to enter a battle or new location as they explore the world around them. Players can check out the new reveal trailer for a glimpse at the game. View the trailer below. 

Heart Abyss currently does not have a release date. Yet, as of right now, gamers can wish list the game on Steam