Growth Shapes the Environment with Reveal Trailer

Wholesome Growth 

It’s time to get peaceful. The world is barren and in need of some environmental changes, only more hexagonal. Today,  Assemble Entertainment and developer VoodooDuck are excited to announce their cozy strategic puzzler, Growth, with a new reveal trailer. The game allows players to sit back and relax while they work to explore and populate randomly generated maps. A press release explores all of the details about the environmental-themed puzzler. The release date trailer gives players a look at what they can expect from the game. 


Growth introduces players to a barren world. Players are tasked with navigating an ever-expanding world while using unique abilities to make the world come to life. Importantly, players will need to strategically use their animal companions and critical thinking to capture points of interest. Each point of interest helps add to the tiles. With nine different types of tiles, players can work to make beautiful maps that change with every playthrough. Additionally, the campaign mode with randomly generated maps will ensure players’ problem-solving skills are working at the highest function. Of course, as players continue to develop the land, they will discover new kinds of animals and make the world more and more beautiful. 

The reveal trailer for Growth shows off how players go about developing the world. Furthermore, the trailer also shows off the art style and gameplay of the game. Check out the trailer below. 

Growth is releasing for the Nintendo Switch and PC later this summer. So, are you ready for some Growth?