Crypt Custodian Unveils Announcement Trailer

Spooky and Cute 

It’s time to meet the cutest Metroidvania you could hope to see. An undead cat, a broom, and a vast world to explore. What’s not to love? Today, developer Kyle Thompson is happy to share the announcement trailer for his upcoming Metroidvania adventure game, Crypt Custodian. Introducing players to an afterlife where cleaning seems to be the only eternity. A press release provides details about the game and its features. Of course, the new announcement trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect from the game. 

Crypt Custodian

Crypt Custodian introduces players Pluto the cat. Funnily enough, Pluto has died and winds up in the underworld. However, after a meeting with the underworld’s guardian goes terribly, Pluto is sentenced to clean the underworld forever. Of course, Pluto is planning to break back into the good afterlife in the palace but there’s a whole world of monsters and spirits in the way.

 The game invites players to explore a vast map that expands as they play. Importantly, players can meet and befriend other ghosts as they travel the grounds and fight a variety of monsters and bosses. Additionally, players can collect hidden secrets, a wide variety of upgrades, and more abilities to train. Of course, players can get a view of all the Metroidvania action in the announcement trailer for Crypt Custodian. Check out the trailer below. 

Crypt Custodian is set for release in 2024. Currently, it is set to release for PC via Steam, yet other platforms are to be announced.