Dead Cells Announces 10 Million Copies Sold

A Milestone for the Beheaded

Some games deserve all of the acclaim and popularity that come to them. Especially, when that game has achieved over 10 million copies sold worldwide. Today, Motion Twin is proud to announce that their hit roguelike, Dead Cells, has amassed over 10 million sales worldwide. This massive milestone comes six years after the game’s initial launch on Steam. Of course, the steady stream of constant updates to the game has kept gamers’ attention for over half a decade. 

dead cells

Dead Cells continues to keep its player base with its ambitious cross-over events, and consistent updates. Importantly, the roguelike builds upon its base Metroidvania gameplay through every new update. The most recent of which, The Clean Cut update, brought a whole new sense of style to the players of Dead Cells. 

The game has also been the recipient of multiple awards. For instance, Best Indie Game at 2018’s Golden Joystick Awards, Best Action Game at 2018’s The Game Awards, and Best Indie Game at 2018’s New York Game Awards. Of course, Motion Twin is constantly looking for ways to update the game, experimenting with new crossovers, and new content to keep the fun of the game going. Recently, the game just released its most major crossover yet, the Return to Castlevania DLC. Importantly, the crossovers continue to add more and more to the game. For instance, new game modes, bosses, weapons, cosmetics and more. 

Dead Cells is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and the Nintendo Switch. So, a huge congratulations to Motion Twin and Dead Cells for their huge milestone.