Vilde Bringing Norse Inspiration With FPS Roguelike

Mythical Realms 

Prepare to enter an ever-changing world inspired by Norse mythology. A remarkable journey awaits. Hopefully, you have what it takes to make it all the way. Today, Chaotic Minds is happy to announce their FPS roguelike, Vilde, on Steam. Inviting players to a unique roguelike focussing on captivating visuals and action-oriented gameplay, all with a Norse-themed setting. A press release dives into all of the action players can expect providing more details. 


Vilde allows players to step into a journey about facing the past and the darkness ahead. Adventuring through the Norse realms players will battle, with up to three other friends, resurrected foes, and horrific monsters. Interestingly, players will have a host of futuristic and ancient weapons at their disposal. Cut through foes with frost knives, or unleash a hail of fire from a machine gun. Additionally, customizable cores will give players even more ways to play, ensuring that players can find a playstyle of abilities and weapon upgrades that suit them.

Of course, the game is a roguelike. This means players should expect to fail, as failure is the only way forward. Importantly, as players embark on adventures through the procedurally generated realm, they will get currency. This currency can be spent later for permanent upgrades to enhance their runs. Furthermore, players can look forward to facing their darkness as a lone warrior, or with friends.

Vilde is set for release in 2024 for PC via Steam. However, beta access applications are available now here. So, are you ready to step into the land of Norse myths and fight your way to balancing the realms?