Ravenswatch Launches First Major Update

An Update of Puppets

When a game reaches over 200,000 players in its first two months, it’s kind of a big deal. It’s important that the developers keep the content coming. Lucky for Ravenswatch players, that content has arrived. Today, NACON and Passtech Games are proud to announce the first major content update for the co-op roguelike sensation, Ravenswatch. This update features a whole host of new content including a new character, and added features like new ultimates for existing characters. A press release provides more details on the game and the update. Furthermore, a new trailer for the update, titled the Geppetto update, provides a look at the new hero. 

Ravenswatch places players in the shoes of folklore and fairytale legends who are combatting the Nightmares wreaking havoc on the world of Reverie. Alone, or with up to three other players, players will embark on a top-down RPG experience that mixes itself with roguelike characteristics. Of course, each folklore hero that makes up the Ravenswatch comes with their own abilities, skills, and story. 

Importantly, the update is introducing a large amount of new content to the game. Perhaps most importantly, the update is adding the newest hero: Geppetto. As the inventor and creator of puppets of all kinds, Geppetto has found a way around his missing arm by attaching a mechanized arm wielding a hammer. Additionally, he brings an army of puppets, eager for a fight at his disposal. Yet, he isn’t the only thing coming with the update. Players can look forward to changes to heroes, the teleporter system, and even general rebalance. 

Ravenswatch is out now on Steam Early Access. Additionally, the game is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles in 2024.