Doomblade Cuts Into Action Today on Steam

Say Hello to Doom and Gloom 

A grim world awaits you, full of darkness, despair, and death. Yet, fret not, you wield a magical blade on your epic adventure to destroy the servants of darkness. Today, the Finnish two-man team Muro Studios is excited to announce the release of their action-adventure Metroidvania, Doomblade. Introducing players to a world of darkness and a quest for vengeance the game allows players to experience a narrative about loss and revenge. A press release delves into all the gloomy details of the game. A release trailer also shows what players can expect from the game. 


Doomblade introduces players to Gloom Girl. The Girl is the last of the GloomFolk a race of people destroyed by the Dread Lords. Gloom Girl leaves the safety of the only home she has known, the caves, to explore the world of the Lowlands where she finds the magical sword: Doomblade. Importantly, Doom and Gloom form a partnership on a quest for vengeance on the Dread Lords. Importantly the game invites players to battle through the 2D world with unique movement and combat, powering up Doomblade as they go. Of course, the pair will face hordes of the Dread Lords forces as they progress. 

Doomblade allows players to experience multiple different endings that change depending on the paths players choose. As they progress, players will unlock a multitude of items, unlock new abilities, and level up Doomblade as they go. Check out the launch trailer below. 

Doomblade is out now on Steam and other digital platforms.