Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 3 Set To Release In Early June

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Season 3 Set To Release In Early June

Bandai Namco is a major video game publisher with several titles under its belt such as One Piece Odyssey, Tekken and Elden Ring. The company, along with Dimps, released Dragon Ball: The Breakers on PC via Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch in 2022. The companies have announced that they will release Season 3 of the game on June 9th, 2023. It will introduce a new raider along with other content for fans to enjoy.

In the thirty-second announcement trailer, viewers got a short but great look at some of the characters involved in the upcoming season. Furthermore, there will be a public test server hosted from May 31st to June 5th, where users can try the content in Season 3 ahead of its release. Moreover, users that participate in this test will receive three summon tickets and five-thousand zeni as a reward.

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In the update, players will get their hands on a lot of new content. This includes, The new Raider will be the mighty “Ginyu Force,” and the new Survivor Skins will be “Dende” and “King Kai,” which will be available via TP Tokens in the in-game shop. Season 3 will also come with new Dragon Tier rewards players can receive upon playing, including the new Survivor Skin, “Fortuneteller Baba.” Also, as a free update, a new map, “Snowy Mountain,” will be added to the game.” Therefore, Season 3 offers players the opportunity for a new experience.

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