There’s a Tears of the Kingdom ‘Arms Race’ to Torture Koroks

Tears of the Kingdom is Farming Tears of the Koroks

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has released to incredible fanfare and flawless review scores. With a game this beloved, surely there’s nothing for players to hate on, right? Nothing that everyone views as worthy of, say, a literal crucifixion?

Well, this game is a bit different. Not because it’s free of anything that hate-able – because it’s still there. The difference-maker is, though, that Tears of the Kingdom actually lets you do the crucifying yourself. Because this game lets you build funny little contraptions, and those designs can be, well…

Remember Koroks from Breath of the Wild? Remember how you felt when you found them? Those oh-so-worthwhile “discoveries” taking space from something that could have actually been worth your time?

Well, even if you didn’t, someone else did. Let ’em cook.

One popular design though, involves a rocket booster. Really, it’s just the rocket booster. It make silly little green guy go up haha.

Tears of the Kingdom

This puzzle-solving tool has been a major boon for Tears of the Kingdom and its players, offering a whole new layer of depth and discovery for people to play around with. Clearly, freedom was the goal – players would see a new item or gizmo, wonder “hey, could this be used for (insert thing here)”, and discover… they totally can. Giving players this kind of freedom is often a double-edged sword, but hey, at least this time the players are mainly just using it for a but of catharsis. …Right?