Can’t you see? Digital goods are all around you!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where you’re running out of ideas, are late, or are simply in a hurry? If so, you’re not alone. If not, hopefully, you’ll soon get to know what to do when one of the mentioned inconveniences happens. International digital gaming marketplace Eneba knows everything about the digital and introduces even the most old-fashioned newcomers to the benefits of the virtual world!

What is a digital good?

Before delving into the overview of three concrete examples, let’s first try to grasp what is meant by a digital good. As futuristic as it may sound, a digital good is a product that exists within the boundaries of the virtual world. Therefore, at the moment of reading, a digital item can be obtained within minutes and used whenever wanted on your electronic device – PC, smartphone, console, or other gadgets.

You may have started to think of NFTs – codified paintings, avatars, and gaming items. However, some might be surprised by how many digital goods we consume every day. iTunes and Google Play apps, movie, and music streaming, e-books, and video games – all these goods, whether they are paid for or not, still remain equally consumable products like real ones.

Revolutionizing digital goods comes at its own cost

Meanwhile, technologies have transformed our lives, they have also facilitated them in hard times such as COVID. As a consequence, over time, digital services have not only become more crucial but also more expensive. Knowing how to invest money in them is, to say the least, practical, and that can be done in various ways. Let’s look at three examples of cheaper digital goods deals.

Everyday activities – how to optimize their costs?

Most of us own smartphones, and using certain customized apps for our daily life has become a part of that routine itself. Therefore, it would be wrong to undermine the value of Google Play or iTunes. Both of these services comprise not only apps but ebooks and games too. The more or, the better you want – the more likely it is to be costly.

Having an iTunes or Google Play card allows anyone to set a limited price of spending on digital services and invest purposefully. Moreover, it is a great gift card idea that can put all the eggs into one basket. In other words, a digital wallet systemizes spending and yet gives broad freedom of choice in using it.

Leaving space for entertainment

Occasional entertainment is no less important. Who said that fine dining was not a form of entertainment? Therefore, food ordering becomes even more special due to its occasionality and diversity. While preserving the comfort of home, one can taste foods from all around the world with one of the most popular food ordering services across the US and 44 other countries – Uber Eats.

The good news is that with an Uber Eats gift card, you can likewise control your spending for one month or even a longer period of time. If you’re a gamer, a worker, or just a generally busy person, you might also find this offer handy for your daily life since you would probably have no time for cooking.

Last but not least, TV, movie, series, and music streaming services eat up most of our money and free time. Therefore, be sure you make the right subscription decisions. Do not overspend by subscribing to all platforms at once. Be open to exploring. Maybe instead of sustaining your presence on Netflix, you’d prefer to try a new platform – Hulu, Apple TV, or Paramount Plus subscription?

Digital goods are becoming increasingly important and expensive, from apps to streaming services. It’s easier to overspend when digital goods are obtained within minutes and used immediately. To optimize costs, Google Play, Paramount+, and Uber Eats cards can cover most of your needs and become cheaper options for entertainment!