Samba De Amigo: Party Central Unveils Pre-Order Details

The Party Heats Up 

Can you hear the music? The party is almost here, and you can just about get involved. And lucky for the party-goers a new song is on the set-list too. Today, SEGA is excited to announce the pre-order details for their upcoming rhythm game, Samba De Amigo: Party Central. Releasing for the Nintendo Switch on August 29th, the game invites players to experience over forty songs from hits to SEGA-owned IPs and more. Now players can look forward to pre-ordering the different versions of the game. A press release provides details on the game and the pre-orders.

Samba De Amigo

Samba de Amigo: Party Central invites players to the biggest party of the year. Playing alone or with friends players will undergo various challenges and mini-games that incorporate rhythm to some major hits. Obviously, SEGA couldn’t plan a party without some of their own music. Players can look forward to tracks from Sonic the Hedgehog. For instance, players can expect Sonic songs like,  “Escape From the City” from Sonic Adventure 2 and “Fist Bump” from Sonic Forces. 

Importantly, the digital editions of the game are currently available for pre-order. The digital deluxe versions contain the standard game as well as the Sonic Music DLC pack and the SEGA music DLC pack, as well as special SEGA-themed costumes. 

Samba de Amigo: Part Central is releasing on August 29th, for the Nintendo Switch. Players can get more information from the game on the game’s website. So, are you getting hyped for the party?