Move or Die Celebrating 7 Year Birthday with Update

Still Moving and Alive 

Sometimes an arcade game comes along that is so captivatingly crazy that it sticks around for quite a while. Of course, if the game is here to stay it’s got to keep things moving with new updates. Today, Those Awesome Guys are happy to be celebrating the seven-year birthday of their arcade party game, Move or Die, with a new update. The update, titled 7 Years Old & Kicking Adventure, is bringing a host of new content to the game including skins and challenging new features. A press release provides more details about the update and the game itself. 

Move or Die

Move or Die is a multiplayer party game whose title should be taken literally. The game place players in a variety of different game modes that allow players to test their mettle against their friends. However, players need to keep moving. If they stop moving, well, they die. Of course, the surviving player in each round of the games earns more and more points until they finally win. The game also allows for players to customize their little characters with different skins and cosmetics to identify them in the adrenaline-pumping competitions. 

The 7 Years Old & Kicking Adventure update includes aged-up versions of four fan-favorite Move or Die characters. Yet, that’s not all. Players can also look forward to two new characters and extra consumables to the Community Debt. By playing gamers will also contribute to the community debt bar and unlock extra content. 

Move or Die‘s 7 Years Old & Kicking Adventure update is out now for PS4. So, will you be jumping around in the game’s newest update?