Riftbound Goes Roguelite With Summoners Path Expansion

New Ways to Play 

Prepare your spells and master your minions, it’s time for a whole new way to save the world. It’s a whole new way to play with a lot of changes. Today, Barrel Smash Studios is excited to announce the roguelite update for their survival lane defense game, Riftbound. The expansion update, titled Summoners Path, brings new ways to play the original game. Of course, the expansion will add to the already near-infinite replayability of the game by introducing a new roguelite mode. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, a new trailer showcases what players can expect from the expansion. 


Traditionally, Riftbound places players in the shoes of a young spell caster. Receiving wisdom from the Great Oak players, as the spell caster, must hold off a Necromancer’s skeleton hordes as he attempts to dominate the world of the living. Using five different schools of magic, players will be able to summon minions and sling spells to destroy the evil armies. 

Players can now face off against evil in a never-the-same twice, roguelite game mode. Furthermore, players can also test their mettle in the new endless mode. Of course, the game mode, Summoners Path, allows players to experience a new progression system that gives them the ability to earn gems and unlock new perks. Importantly, players can check out the new trailer for a showcase of what’s coming.

Riftbound is available now on PC via Steam. So, are you ready for a new roguelite experience?