Riftbound, Lane Defense Strategy Game, Goes Roguelite- May Update

New Game Modes Mean Transformation

Master spells and summon minions. It’s not easy but it is honest work, especially when the fate of the world is at stake. Now, the game is changing and bringing your favorite elementals to cards. Today, Barrel Smash Studios is happy to announce that their survival lane defense game, Riftbound, is bringing new content with its anniversary update. Releasing in May, the anniversary update is bringing a new action packed strategy rogue-lite game mode to the game. A press release provides details about the anniversary update. 


Traditionally, Riftbound places players in the shoes of a young spell caster. Receiving wisdom from the Great Oak players, as the spell caster, must hold off a Necromancer’s skeleton hordes lest he return from an otherworldly prison. Using all five schools of magic, players will summon defenders and cast spells to crush the encroaching army. 

The anniversary update for the game introduces two new game modes. Players can now face off against evil in a, never the same twice, roguelite game mode. Furthermore, players can also test their mettle in the new endless mode. The update introduces over one hundred new spells, new enemies, and more for players to explore. Furthermore, players can now customize their elements with cosmetic items. 

Riftbound is available now on PC via Steam. So, are you looking forward to the new update? What mode are you most excited for?