Forgebeast Kickstarter Goes Live

Battle to The Centre of The World 

A dangerous journey is about to get underway. An adventure through fire, monsters, and worse. Of course, you won’t be all alone. Never fear. Today, Digital Piledriver Studios is happy to announce the launch of the Kickstarter for their upcoming action-adventure game, Forgebeast. The game brings a retro feel to some modern mechanics. Of course, a press release and the Kickstarter itself provide more info on the game. Additionally, players can check out the announcement trailer from last month for an early look at the game. 


Forgebeast follows the story of Mosh. Mosh is a Chosen Blacksmith who battles slag monsters made of pure metal. However, when her daughter is stolen she begins a quest to the center of the world to get her back. Of course, Mosh won’t be all alone. As the title of the game suggests, she will have company.  She is joined by her companions known as Forgebeasts. These beasts transform into different weapons that grant Mosh powers to defeat the creatures she will find beneath the Earth. 

The game invites players to partake in beat-em up action as they journey under the Earth. The Kickstarter touts a range of rewards for potential backers, including digital copies of the game, beta testing access, and even designing game elements such as NPC’s and enemies. Players can check out the announcement trailer for a look at the game. 

Forgebeast is currently in development. The Kickstarter  is available for players to check out now. Additionally,  players can head over to the game’s website for more info.