Are Netflix games only casual, or might we see a AAA game soon?

Netflix has been venturing into the gaming industry for a while. The streaming giant that brought us a collection of huge TV series and own-produced movies has been experimenting with different types of video games.

With the company’s growing focus on video games, it’s reasonable to question whether Netflix has plans to enter the AAA game space anytime soon.

Netflix has had success with mobile games

The company’s foray into the gaming market has been met with a degree of success already, with a number of their mobile titles having already been enjoyed by players. It could be argued that the reputation of some of the shows that have been produced by the company has helped, with fans looking to get as much as possible out of their favorite TV shows and movies.

There have been instances in other gaming markets where this has been the case, too. The iGaming industry is one such example, as players are able to find shows like Narcos available as slot game titles. Those who wish to use the best sites and choose to play casinos here because of what they offer can typically find these listed due to the appeal that they have.

While Netflix has had some success licensing the shows that they have created to others across the iGaming sector, it appears they have recognized that they can enjoy their own success by launching their own titles. But, could the streaming giant decide to enter the AAA market on its own?

Netflix looks set to enter the AAA Game Market

Despite Netflix’s strong start in the mobile market, moving into the AAA game space would be a huge leap, but not impossible. Netflix has the resources to publish AAA games- millions of loyal subscribers and an endless supply of fresh content to draw inspiration from. They are at an advantage in combining gaming with their pre-existing intellectual property. Will they take the bold step into the AAA space, producing games that will inspire gamers globally?

As a result, there have been rumors in the past that would suggest that the company could take that leap of faith in the future. Reports have suggested that the game division was no longer content on producing just mobile games and was looking to create a PC AAA game title.

In April 2023, Joseph Staten – who is an experienced game developer having worked with companies like Microsoft – was hired as a creative director for an upcoming original AAA game. This would be the clearest indicator that Netflix is keen to jump into this market

There are several strong points in favor of Netflix expanding into the AAA gaming market. The strengthening of the gaming industry, coupled with an increase in streaming services, presents a bright future for Netflix’s gaming strategy.

Final Thoughts

Netflix is not a stranger to success, evidenced by the growth in subscribers and the acceptance of its gaming ventures. While they may not have many mainstream AAA games just yet, there are hints of significant moves in the near future.

Whether they will be a success remains to be seen, but with the resources that the streaming giant has, and the moves that they have already been making in terms of hiring the right type of people, it would seem there is every chance that they could be!