Red Moon Lost Days Brings Life to the Sega Saturn

A Return from the Past 

It’s always a great sight to behold when game studios honor the consoles of the past. It’s even better when studios decide to make a game for some of these old consoles. Today, Independent development studio The Retro Room Games has announced that their RPG, visual novel, Red Moon Lost Days, is out now for the Sega Saturn. Available in The Retro Room Games’ store, the game invites players to a retro time with physical copies of the game. A press release provides more details on the game itself. Additionally, a launch video lets players take a look at the game. 

Red Moon Lost Days

Red Moon Lost Days introduces players to Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot, on a quest to Egypt. As Kyou, players will investigate the disappearance of a friend. Importantly, this friend is a high-ranking general in the army. Interestingly, the game combines RPG elements with a visual novel approach. Players will be able to explore pixel art environments, adventuring throughout the deserts of Egypt and uncovering the mysteries that they have become wrapped up in. Additionally, players have multiple choices to make as they navigate the narrative of the visual novel. 

In order to play the game fans will need a modified Sega Saturn or an expansion cartridge capable of running homebrew games on the console. Check out everything that comes with the physical copies of the game in the new launch trailer. View the trailer below. 

Red Moon Lost Days is available for purchase now at the Retro Room Games store. Additional information is available on the studios’ website