Craftopia Going Even Bigger with Seamless World Update

A Larger World 

One of the great parts of multiplayer games is the worlds they exist in. It’s even better when the world is large and seamlessly explorable. Today, Pocketpair is excited to announce a new major content update for their multiplayer open-world survival, Craftopia. Reinventing the world that was originally introduced to the game the update, titled Seamless World Update, is blending the biomes of Craftopia to make the world feel more massive. A press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, a trailer for the update displays exactly what the update is bringing to the game. 


Craftopia is providing even more freedom to players with the Seamless World update. Importantly, the entire world has been rebuilt into a larger seamless map with various biomes to explore. Of course, this new update will provide players with even more to explore as well as a host of new content updates. For instance, players can look forward to new locations, new mobs, and improved combat systems. 

Additionally, players can look forward to all new crafting recipes, bosses, and ruins to explore. Check out the new trailer for the update for a great look at what is to come. The trailer also shows off just how seamlessly the game aims to blend the world in the update. View the trailer below. 

Craftopia is currently available on Steam. The game is still continuously being updated and has been since the game’s release in 2020. So, are you excited for the newest update to arrive to Craftopia?