Ravenswatch Announces Newest Hero- Geppetto

The Puppet Maker

The dark world of folklore and fairytales is getting its newest hero. Taking a break from the workshop and heading out into the world the puppet master himself, Geppetto, is joining the Ravenswatch. Today, NACON and Passtech Games are excited to announce the newest character joining their co-op roguelite game, Ravenswatch. A summoner and close-range fighter, Geppetto is bringing some machinery to the game. A press release provides more details on the newest character of the game. Furthermore, players can check out the character reveal trailer for a look at the puppet master. 

Ravenswatch places players in the shoes of folklore and fairytale legends who are combatting the Nightmares. Importantly, a group of brave folklore heroes, known as Ravenswatch, is striving to stop the corruption destroying the land of Reverie. Alone, or with up to three other players, players will embark on a top-down RPG experience that mixes itself with roguelike characteristics. Each character that players can select from has their own fairytale, powers, upgrades, unlocks, and more. 

As the newest character coming to the game, Geppetto has a great many tricks up his sleeve. Interestingly, he has found a way around his missing arm by attaching a mechanized arm wielding a hammer. Of course, Geppetto himself is old, but he brings fresh puppets eager to fight. He is able to enter close combat without much risk. Yet, be warned he relies heavily on his inventions. Check out his reveal trailer below. 

Ravenswatch is out now on Steam Early Access. Additionally, the game is coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles in 2024.