Daymare 1994: Sandcastle Announces Physical Releases- Consoles

The Nightmare Goes Physical 

The World of Nightmares is coming with a physical edition. Ready yourself to return to the Daymare. Today, GS2 Games Inc, Invader Studios, and Leonardo Interactive are excited to announce that their 3rd person horror game, Daymare 1994: Sandcastle, is releasing physical editions. Releasing for Xbox and PlayStation platforms on August 30th, 2023, with a Switch release later, the physical versions of the game allow players to get their hands on the game in real life. Of course, a press release delves into more information about the game itself. Additionally, an official trailer for the game gives players a glimpse of the horror that awaits. 

Daymare 1994 demo

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle is a prequel to 2019’s Daymare 1998. Players take on the role of agent Dalila Reyes a former spy now working for H.A.D.E.S. As Dalila players will explore a top-secret facility hidden beneath the United States. Exploring this lab is daunting in and of itself, yet even more so when you realize that you aren’t alone down there. You will need to put all of the most technologically proficient weaponry you have to use just to survive. Be warned, this is no mere dumb creature. Importantly,  they think, they hunt, they are armed, and they want you dead. 

Of course, players can check out the trailer for the game for a glimpse of what they can expect. View the trailer below. 

The Daymare 1994: Sandcastle physical copies will be releasing on PlayStation and Xbox platforms on August 30th, 2023. The Switch physical copies will release at a later date. So, are you ready to enter the darkness below?