Prison Architect Releases the “Sunset” Update: their Last One Ever

The Final Prison Architect Update is Here

Sunset has come for Prison Architect. Specifically, the “sunset” update, which serves as the game’s final addition.

It’s been a real joy and honor here at Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven to work on this game for you,” writes Double Eleven. “It’s been just over a decade since Introversion first put out an Alpha build of Prison Architect and the game has come so far since then. While we’re closing this chapter, the book is certainly not yet finished. We’ll see you around.

The update itself is mainly a quality-of-life affair, with a few new items and balance tweaks. A trailer was launched alongside the update, and it mainly focuses on celebrating the game’s legacy rather than showing off all the shiny new features one by one. But with that said, there is something shiny in there, at the end.

A fully 3D model of a prisoner can be found at the trailer’s end. Suspected to be a tease of what’s to come, a sequel to this beloved game may be in the works. We’ve not had solid confirmation of anything yet, of course. But making a 3d model would certainly be odd if its inclusion was just “haha silly random”.

Bringing things back to the game we know exist, have a look at the comments on that trailer. Prison Architect fans are sharing their stories and their love for the game, joining in its swan song with good vibes and friendly waves. Should a new Prison Architect game emerge, it’ll certainly have no trouble finding an audience.