Kudzu Bringing Classic Adventure to The Game Boy

A Non-Linear Adventure 

Prepare to step into a world of gardeners and world-ending plants. It’s time to adventure into the Kudzu fields and face off against evil creatures in an attempt to save your master and the world. Today, Mega Cat Studios and developer Pie For Breakfast Studios are excited to announce the Kickstarter for their upcoming Game Boy game, Kudzu. The Kickstarter, starting today May 25th, is aiming for $20,000 CDN and is offering a whole host of rewards to be earned. Of course, a press release provides more details on the game. Furthermore, a Kickstarter trailer gives players a glimpse of the game.  


Kudzu introduces players to Max. As a simple gardener, Max, is interested in a species of coiling and climbing perennial vines known as Kudzu. Yet, he learns that his master has disappeared into the Kudzu fields and sets off to find him. Of course, this will have repercussions. Including learning about a world-ending plant. 

The game is an adventure that combines the classic feel of old-school RPGs with modern sensibilities. In fact, players can look forward to the exploration, puzzles and combat of old-school games. The game even comes with 8 bosses players can encounter while they use their garden tools to cut through the Kudzu maze. Of course, you can check out the Kickstarter trailer for a better look at the game and what’s to come. Check out the trailer below. 

The game is set for release in late 2023. The game’s Kickstarter is currently going and offering a variety of rewards for participants. For instance, players can get boxed physical copies of Kudzu to art books, goat plushies, wooden NES carts, and even the chance to have their name immortalized as a goat in the game. So, are you excited for Kudzu?