Overwatch 2 Drops April Fools Update with Hero Changes in Arcade Mode

April Googles

We all have good reason to be skeptical of any news we see today. There are a lot of bad actors out that would like nothing more than to trick you, but not here. You are in a safe place. So, here’s a googly eyes update from Overwatch 2.

While the game has a serious, competitive side to it, there are also opportunities to have fun. For Valentine’s Day, an Overwatch 2 dating sim titled Loverwatch was released. Now, for April Fools Day, someĀ slight adjustments were made to Arcade Mode to celebrate the day of trickery and goofiness.

Overwatch 2

Heroes in Arcade Mode now have googly eyes on their face and that’s just the update’s surface. On Overwatch 2’s patch notes, you can see that each Hero’s abilities are quite drastically altered. All heroes have new voice lines for their Ultimate. Each different team role has improved aspects. For example, Tanks gain 10% faster Ultimate charge, but the killing blow on a Tank also gives significant Ultimate charge.

DPS Heroes get 50 health upon an elimination to keep the damage up. Support Heroes gain 30% movement speed increase for 4 seconds when they have low health.

On top of all that, each Hero is also altered, often in funny meta ways. For instance, Genji can actually heal himself after spamming the request heal command. Ramattra is also always in Nemesis form. Mercy’s ammo capacity is increased from 25 to 125 and her projectile speed is increased from 50 to 125.

It is unclear how long this update will be active for Arcade Mode, but you should enjoy it while it lasts. Overwatch 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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